• Important Information
    • Conference dates: 20-22 November 2017
  • Important Information
    • Conference dates: 20-22 November 2017

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MIWAI 2017

The 11th Multi-disciplinary International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (MIWAI 2017) will be held in Brunei, 20-22 November 2017. The theme for this year's event is "Smart Environment". MIWAI aims to promote AI research in both theoretical and applied research addressing real world applications. Examples include control, planning and scheduling, pattern recognition, knowledge mining, software applications, strategy games and others. The ever-evolving needs in society and business, both on local and global scales, require better technologies for solving more and more complex problems. Such needs can be found in all industrial sectors and in any parts of the world.

All Tracks (submission - closed)

Call for Papers

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Artificial intelligence is a broad area of research. We encourage researchers to submit their unpublished papers in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Theory, Methods & Tools
    • Theoretical Foundation: Cognitive Science; Computational Philosophy; Game Theory; Graphical Models; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Logic; Fuzzy Logic; Multi-agent Systems; Neurosciences; Probabilistic Reasoning; Qualitative Reasoning; Uncertainty Handling
    • Cognitive Computing: Affective Computing; Computer Vision; Natural Language Processing; Self-aware Systems; Speech Recognition; Social Cognition
    • Computational Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence; Deep Learning; Evolutionary Computing; Machine Learning; Nature Inspired Computing; Neural Computing; Pattern Recognition; Planning and Scheduling; Reinforcement Learning; Social Computing; Swarm Intelligence
  • AI Applications
    • Ambient Intelligence; Big Data Analysis; Biometrics; Bioinformatics; Brain Machine Interface; Chatbots; Creative Computing; Decision Support Systems; Data Mining; Data-Enabled Applications; E-commerce; Energy Management; Games; Health Assessment; Image Processing; Industrial Applications of AI; Intelligent Information Systems; Internet of Things; Knowledge Management; Multi-modal Computing & Interactions; Telecommunications and Web Services; Robotics; Recommender Systems; Security and Privacy Management; Surveillance; Spam Filtering; Software Engineering; Social Networking Security; Semantic Web; Sport and Rehabilitation; Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Submission Guideline:

MIWAI 2017 accepts research and application papers:

  • Regular papers (6-14 pages, oral presentation or poster presentation)
All submissions will go through a double-blinded peer-review process. Paper selection will be on the basis of technical quality, relevance, significance, and clarity. Each paper should be written using the Springer-Verlag LNCS style. The authors' names and institutions should not appear in the paper. Unpublished work of the authors should not be cited. Springer-Verlag author instructions are available at: http://www.springer.com/lncs All accepted and presented papers will be published in LNAI, a topical subseries of LNCS focusing on artificial intelligence.

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